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Gibson Roofs is a full service commercial roofing contractor providing a wide range of services to businesses, municipalities and government organizations across New England. We are a vertically integrated company, with the latest equipment and materials working in combination with an industry-leading apprenticeship program to ensure the highest quality results.

Our equipment includes one of New England's tallest truck-mounted cranes, capable of reaching 170 feet - tall enough to easily move materials to the top of a 15-story building. This allows for full control over equipment scheduling and operation in order to complete your job on time and on budget.

Replacement Final.png

Roof Replacement

Repair Final.png

Roof Maintenance

Inspection 2 Final.png

Roof Inspection

Waterproof Final.png


Consultation Final.png

Roof Consultation

Siding Final.png

Customized Sheet Metal

Skylight Final copy.png

Skylight Installation

Solar Panel Final.png

Solar Panel Installation

Snow Final.png

Snow Removal

Painting Final.png

Roof Coating

Masonry Final.png


Carpentry Final.png


Services: Services
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